Policy go effect in 12/01/2017

1. All member accounts registered

1A. Each individual is registered for only one member account, the aim is to minimize and optimize on our database system and to prevent fake data

1B. We are allowed to collect and storage in our datase about text contents, photos and youtube videos, products information of member accounts. We divided it into two types of information that is public information and private information

1C. Public information include as username, avatar photo, location, websites, products photos, youtube videos of the member account. Those are not important information and are shared to everyone on the internet

1D. Private information is the real important information and value of the member account as real full name, email, mailing address, bank account, password and financial transactions and purchases. Those are not shared and secured by our protected security

1E. Member accounts private information must be provided by real information or value informations

1F. All data informations text contents, photos and youtube videos, products, information of member accounts is owned by our members and posted on our website, and the owner of such information is solely responsible for the intellectual property and copyright laws of arizona and federal law of association United States

2. Cookies Session Using on Buyyet

We use cookies and sessions on our network, so the network will run full functions on your browser with cookies plugin have allowed

3. All Buyers

3A. All Buyers include member accounts and the guests who performs transactions shopping products on our site. Their will be guaranteed about these orders and payment to until the completion of the transaction

3B. The buyer's private information such as orders, purchased products, invoices and payment information will be protected, only the relevant seller can access this information

3C. When buyers completed payment these purchases, their orders will be made between 7 and 15 days for implementation and shipping and they will receive the product during that time

3D. Buyers can cancel their orders and get full refund without from 7 to 15 days if they they did not receive the product

3E. Buyers can send requests to return product their purchase in case they get the wrong product in the description or received other value products

4. What can we do in cases breaking our private policy

Member account of violator will be suspended, discontinued or block until the complaint is resolved

*. We can modify, replace these privacy policies to match our development in the future